Monday, October 29, 2007

Project Valour-IT 2007 Fund Drive

The Project Valour-IT 2007 Veteran's Day Fund Drive Begins Monday October 29th and goes through Veterans Day, November 11th. The Navy goal this year is $60,000. For those unaware, Project Valour-IT is an ongoing effort by Soldiers' Angels to make available voice-activated laptop computers to wounded military personnel who need them to maintain contact with family and friends, to access the Internet or perform other tasks.

Valour-IT is an IRS-certified non-profit (donations are tax-deductible) and is non-political. Regardless of ideas about how/why war is being waged, the fact is that people are wounded and need our help. Valour-IT is about supplying that help, not about endorsing or opposing the reasons why it's needed. Need evidence? is signed up under Navy in supporting the fund drive. Update: Since removed, hoax maybe?

I have personally been involved in the adopt a soldier program through Soldiers Angels since 2005, and I highly recommend it. For both my wife and I it has been a rewarding experience, and I recommend it to anyone here at home looking to make a personal effort in support of those in service to our country.

I am admittedly very new to Project Valour-IT, introduced to it recently by Xformed. Being that I own an IT Corporation myself, I find the project a natural fit for donations of both my business, my personal, and as a natural fit to be supported by this blog.

Official Blog for Project Valour-IT

How You Can Get Involved.

Straight Cash Homey. You can always donate through the Fund Drive widget to the top right of this blog.

Join Up. Are you a blogger? Spread the word.

The V-IT bulletin board has posts of lots of general and specific info, plus it’s a place to connect with other teams/bloggers for advice on how to get involved.

Get the word out. Email all your friends, call your radio station, email the local talk host, inform the local TV guy/gal, and connect with local business and organizations that would be willing to get involved. In my experience in fund raising, time dedicated in these activities is often as if not more valuable than a personal contribution.

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