Monday, June 15, 2009

Chinese Media Discusses Submarine Collision

The AP is reporting on how the Chinese newspapers are discussing Friday's submarine encounter.

Chinese state-run newspapers on Monday labeled last week's collision as an accident, with the official China Daily citing Chinese military experts as saying that it probably occurred due to a misjudgment of distance.

No injuries were reported either aboard the sub or on the destroyer USS John S. McCain, and the extent of the damage to the towed radar was unknown.

Yin Zhuo, a senior researcher with the People's Liberation Army's Navy Equipment Research Center, said the American destroyer appeared to have failed to detect the submarine, while the Chinese vessel set its distance from the McCain assuming it was not towing sonar arrays, according to the paper.
Meanwhile the news out of the Philippines is that the incident took place 125 miles off Subic bay, outside the 120 EEZ of the Philippines. The official government position in the Philippines is that the 'collision need not concern the Philippines.' I don't think we would react the same way in the US if our government fed us that line.

One thing is clear, these incidents of engagement between the US and China are becoming more and more frequent, and there is no reason why we won't hear about more of these types of incidents in the future.

You can read Li Xiaokun's China Daily report on the incident here.

You can read Li Xiaokun's China Daily report on the incident here.

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