Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Streetfighter 2010

I'm glad Galrahn has posted this and that he's gotten a rich discussion going. I've yet to read the entire report; I've just seen Wayne Hughes' presentation of it. I like the attempt to create a force structure appropriate to CS21, and I'm generally in agreement with some of Hughes' strategic thinking.

I've just been asked to do a panel out at AFCEA WEST in the first week of February, and the topic is "What Kind of Navy Does America Need?" The critical base of my argument will be that it needs a Navy that acts like a Navy, not the JFCOM Department of Maritime Affairs. Streetfighter 2010 moves in that direction--it is a force structure that recognizes that maritime strategy IS national strategy in a maritime nation.

My memory of Hughes' costing was that it was unrealistic. I believed when I heard his brief that he vastly understated the costs, and that while there was good in his ideas--unless a modern-day Galileo questioned the new secular religion of "Joint-ism", there would never be sufficient resources to move in the direction he suggests.

Let me go off and read this report closely; perhaps I'll have some other thoughts.

Bryan McGrath

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