Friday, September 17, 2010

Senate Passes Judgment On Pace Of LCS Acquisition

News here of a key Senate sub-committee displaying some impatience with the Navy on LCS.  Citing the fact that the two LCS funded in FY10 have yet to be put under contract, the sub-committee was hesitant to fund four more in FY11--and so chose to fund only 1.  This is a clear case of "unintended consequences".

Galrahn and others have been very supportive of recent Navy decisions on the LCS acquisition, including the decision to put off the down select until the Fall.  The folks who see things this way advocate going slow to get things right, rather than rushing to mediocrity.

It appears though, that some in the Senate are of a different mind, and the Navy's Hill folks have some ground to make up in the coming weeks to ensure the eventual conference bill includes these ships.  This was a message--a shot across the bow if you will--and the Navy needs to articulate why it is short-sighted. 

Bryan McGrath

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