Monday, February 28, 2011

US Naval Institute Mails Bad Ballots to Members

My copy of Naval History Magazine came in the mail today. I note the ballot includes the Election of the Board of Directors and the Election of the Editorial Board, but does not include the election for the mission statement change.

It strikes me as a serious concern that the first ballot some members are getting in the mail doesn't even have the most important issue on the ballot. What happens to ballots that get sent in without the issue on the ballot, are those ballots invalid? Do they get counted, or tossed out, and who informs the members that they submitted a bad ballot to the vote?

Here is a picture of my Naval History Magazine ballot without the mission statement issue.

You can click and enlarge the pictures.

I originally thought this was a case where good people with good intentions were poorly executing an admirable objective in the wrong way.

It is starting to look more and more like a wardroom of assholes trying to shove a shit pie down the Institute memberships throat.

Voting shenanigans are not acceptable.

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