Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Navy Did ?!?!? Over Libya?

I actually downloaded a blogger android app onto my phone just to post this... sorry if it turns out looking like crap.

But this USNI blog post hits hard and must be linked.

If it's true the Navy has been shooting down scud missiles over Libya from sea, and for whatever reason Navy information never reported this, it's time to cut the Navy Information budget by 75%.

If we are looking at a failure to represent the contribution of unique capabilities provided by naval forces in war during this fiscal environment, people should be asking legitimate questions whether the contribution of the Navy News service rises to a value matched by its budget.

Salamander has this exactly right. Folks in and around the Navy who are frustrated because the Navy doesn't tell their story are sitting on a one-legged stool when we learn AEGIS is providing effective ballistic missile defense over Libya and somehow that remarkably important operational note fails to get disseminated publicly except as a footnote in a Daily Beast article.

Lets hope the facts come to light, because it's important. In my world, when the Navy shoots down a ballistic missile - even an old Scud - I'm making sure that information goes up in red on Drudge - because I want everyone in China and Taiwan to hear about it.

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