Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Clinton on Maritime Security in East Asia

Check out Secretary Clinton's Forrestal Lecture at the USNA. Transcript not up yet, but long story short the Secretary understands the Cooperative Strategy, and the role that naval power plays in underwriting the security architecture of East Asia. ...and here's the transcript. Key points:

For decades, the United States military and our enduring alliances with Japan, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand have underwritten security and stability in the Asia Pacific. Every day, the Navy has some 50 ships, hundreds of aircraft, tens of thousands of sailors and Marines in the Pacific at any given time. And the Navy’s role is growing, as evidenced by President Obama’s new Defense Strategic Guidance. Each year, United States Navy ships and sailors and Marines participate in more than 170 bilateral and multilateral exercises and conduct more than 250 port visits in the region. One of my favorite port visits was of the USS McCain to Vietnam. This allows us to respond more quickly and efficiently when we need to work together with partners, such as responding to natural disasters in one of the most environmentally volatile and vulnerable areas in the world.

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