Friday, April 13, 2012

Navigation Plan

Chief of Naval Operations Jonathan Greenert has updated his blog with what is being called the “Navigation Plan," a follow-on document to his previous guidance titled “Sailing Directions.” It is a very interesting read, and can be described as the CNO's perspective looking at the Navy's Five-Year Defense Plan.

The document reminded me a lot of the once famous (and now cursed) Seapower 21 document released by Admiral Vern Clark, except this document isn't being touted as strategic while that one was. Everything listed in the Navigation Plan, which is specific to taking a budget perspective, is an existing program within the FYDP - indeed this document doesn't even mention AMDR or the DDG-51 Flight III it is so focused on existing programs within the FYDP.

With one exception... What is this Large Displacement UUV mentioned in the document, and where can I find more information? Sea-Air-Space I hope.

BZ to the CNO, this document is well done.

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