Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Honest Opinions on China

At the USNI/AFCEA West Conference last week there was an excellent panel on the last day that focused on the operational challenges and partnership opportunities that exist with China. It started out as a casual discussion about China, but about 21 minutes into the panel Captain James Fanell, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence and Information Operations for US Pacific Fleet decided he was going to give his honest opinion.

In China it is illegal to give an honest opinion about China, and there are times I wonder if the same law exists in Washington, DC. Several folks are discussing Captain Fanell's comments, even if he is just a Captain. I leave my thoughts over at the USNI Blog.

Enjoy! And as you would expect, Toshi Yoshihara is great too. I highly recommend Toshi Yoshihara's book (coauthored by the always brilliant James Holmes) Red Star Over the Pacific for those who haven't read it.

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